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what are the easy way to repair Internet Explorer?

As much good as internet explorer can get it also has its own share of issues that keep troubling its users. If you are experiencing recurring problems with your usage of internet explorer then maybe you should try fixing the internet explorer all for once.

In case you are wondering how to do that then follow the steps that are given here-

· First step is to go to the fix it website in the internet explorer itself by typing microsoft.com/fixit/

· A window will open up and then you will have to select which is the problematic area that you wish to fix, in that choose internet explorer.

· There will be a menu underneath it and you will have to choose one of the issues from that. Select the issue that approximately resembles your issue.

· There will be a run now option right next to that option, choose it.

· There will be a series of instructions that will fly out on your screen follow them diligently.

· You may have to restart your system after running the programs and following the instructions.

· You can also try an old school hack in which you need to go to the internet explorer settings and then remove the excess toolbars from there. But that works only when Internet explorer will load.

If you are still stuck and wondering what to do then reach out to internet explorer customer service using their email or internet explorer customer service number.

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